Savory Yom Tov Roast with Braised Purple Cabbage


YOM TOV MENU. DELIVERED 04/03/23. One of our most popular yom tov dishes. Fill your house will the aroma of yom tov. Extremely flavorful cut of meat already prepped and ready, loaded with onions, our special seasoning packet with fresh chopped garlic and signature chicken stock. Gravy thickened with KFP arrowhead root. If that wasn’t enough, this dish is paired with braised purple cabbage in a sweet and savory cider vinegar sauce with fresh green apples. Sautee onions for the gravy and add all roast ingredients to a 9X13 and bake. Braised cabbage comes together on the stove top with less than 15 minutes active prep. (Braised Purple Cabbage instead of potatoes and carrots this year!)

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